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Welcome to Edmonton Alberta's best and most award winning flower shop. We look forward to being your solution for all your fresh cut flower design needs. With well over 15 years of serving the good people of Edmonton, our reputation has grown as the best shop in town. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our services and deliveries. We truly care that the flowers you send in and out of Edmonton are beautiful upon delivery and will be fresh and long lasting. Join our customer list and receive a discount as a member with every purchase!

Flower Food?!

Flower Food?!

Posted by Heather de Kok on 16th Jan 2019

Why do flowers need flower food? I feel like that is like asking why humans need people food. These are living breathing organisms. Once flowers have been cut from the plant, they are deprived of the water, food and any growth hormones that are provided to them by the mother plant. In order for the flower to bloom, while retaining its form, colour and scent, we need to supply it with flower food. Not only does the end consumer need to use flower food to extend the vase life, but this must happen at every phase of the distribution chain from grower to florist. If not, it certainly will lead to a loss of vase life and no good can come from that. We want people to know that flowers can last more than 2 days. How many times have you heard a friend of a friend say that they don’t like flowers because they don’t last. We as an industry need to do our part in the cold chain to ensure the best quality flowers we can give. After speaking with a number of florists, I was truly surprised at how many were not using flower food. Perhaps this is just a lack of education about the food on their part, perhaps they did not see the value in investing the money in their product, I am not sure. I do however know the difference in quality it makes to my product.

That being said, let’s talk flower food. Just like people food, not eating enough and you are unhealthy and eating too much you are unhealthy. Flower food is no different. By using too much flower food, you can actually end up with discoloration and burnt leaves. The more flower food you add, the greater the deviation from the optimum result will happen. However did you know that under dosing is most critical and can shorten the vase life substantially? It can cause stem discoloration, delayed flower development and flower limpness. Knowing how to use flower food correctly is as easy as reading the package.